Acrylic Glass Mounting

C-Print behind acrylic glass

Presented behind acrylic, the artwork has remarkable depth and color intensity. Combined with the sturdy backing and the integrated hanging system and spacers, the result is a powerful object that appears to float on your wall. This is an alternative mounting option. Please contact us for a custom quote.


The surface: Acrylic glass gives your photos the perfect gallery look

Acrylic gives photos remarkable luminosity and optical depth. This type of mounting, sometimes referred to as Plexiglas, allows you to accentuate the depth of images. The acrylic glass layer protects the picture from harmful UV rays, leaving color photographs shining for decades to come. Acrylic is also much lighter and more robust than standard glass. This makes it easier to hang on the wall and helps to prevent damage. The edges are cut and smoothed using a Wolfram CNC milling machine.

The material: Direct print on acrylic glass with a sturdy Forex® base

Your image will be printed directly onto the underside of the polished, premium, brand-name acrylic glass and then mounted on a sturdy Forex® board. 



Hanging system included

We deliver your direct print behind acrylic glass ready to hang on the wall. Metal rails along the back of your work allow you to place it exactly where you want, and to attach it to the wall anywhere on its back. The hanging system is included in the price. That’s gallery quality down to the finest detail.